Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We had to take a part of Mexico home with us..

We ended up adopting the puppy Maggie befriended, Cortes. She is awesome and gets every ones attention. She is still adjusting to life as a gringo and trying to win the affection of Cinder.

Before the trip ended I had to dethrone my father from the king of Ping-pong. After 23 years.. his reign has come to an end.

One of our last days, we rented some ATV's and Tony Anderson let us borrow one as we went exploring. We found a hidden waterfall and had a blast.

Although we ended only catching one little fish, we had a great time and spent our time with great people. Chris, Uncle Mark, Uncle Pat, Grandpa Jensen, TA, Glen, Kevin and of course Cortes. We can't wait to go back with the entire family next year.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"You're never wasting time.. finding the right way home"- Jimmy Buffet

Dad and Grandpa
Tio Marco named his Boat "Papa Lisle" after Grandpa
At the Art festival with Chris

Maggie and Cortez
So the last few days haven't gone quiet as scheduled. The wind kicked up and sent us home early from fishing. We made it a great day by stopping for tacos at Joel's.. the best taqueria (taco shop) in town. We have been listening to some great music in Mark's boat and the stones came on singing.. "you can't always get what you want." We were skunked two days in a row and the only thing we caught was a sunburn. The day the wind picked up was the spa day for Maggie and Mark's friend Chris Redgrave. They spent the entire day getting a massage and facial while the boys went golfing on a little par 3 9 hole course at the same resort, Las Palmas. Although we have had no fish and a few problems to go along with that, we are having a blast.
We found a little puppy named Cortez who maggie has befriended. She sure does love this little dog. We found her at an art festival where we heard live bands playing great music and bought some souvenirs.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 2-3..

The fam of T.A.'s boat
The gang at Tio Pablos
The attempted swan dive off the front of the boat
Maggie getting picked up by the Mariachis and dancing

We were unsuccessful catching fish these last few days. I guess thats why they call it fishing and not catching! We were only out a few hours each day due to the bad wind and having to set everything up with the Tio Marco's boat. That didn't stop us from jumping in the ocean off the boat and finding a couple dozen dolphins who decided to swim right next to the boat and play with us. Chris Redgrave showed up, Tio Marco's friend, who has already started to spoil Maggie. They bought some bracelets and are going to have a spa day tomorrow. We heard about a waterfall that is only a few miles from here which we plan on visiting and today there is an art festival. The food and weather has been great and so has our sunburns! We really miss everyone and talk about how much fun they would be having if they were here with us. Can't believe the vacation is already half way over.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Grandpa Jensen's 90 birthday=Mexico Fishing Trip!

Dad and Mag at the Hotel- Martin's
Mag and I hooking our first fish!
after dinner at Tio Pablos, or as we call it "Tio Marcos"

Grandpa loving the weather and posing for his first picture

Grandpa Jensen turned 90 recently and told the family that he had one more Mexico trip in him. Mark, Kevin, Glen, Pat, Mag, Dad and I made it down today on our first day with no problems. The weather is great and the only things we are missing are Mom and Rooney-man.. We miss Em and Cliff as well and Cliff's Spanish could definitely be helping us out. After a long flight we arrived in Cabo San Lucas where Mark picked us up to drive down to Los Barriles, a pueblicito made famous for it's wind surfing and sport fishing. The name, Los Barriles, dates back to the days when Spain had ships sent over with wine and supplies for all the missions they had here in the state of Baja California Sur. While making it around the tip of Cabo, Pirates would lie awaiting them and the Spaniards would throw the barrels of wine and supplies off the boat, making the ships lighter to be able to outrun the Pirates. These barrels would end up here, thus receiving the name of Los Barriles.
To recap today, we kicked off the clothes and jumped in the ocean, hung out and watched the NCAA basketball games at a bar while eating dinner, and played ping pong. Tomorrow we really start the vacation as we begin our fishing expedition!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Family Vacations

Ever since Cliff and Emily moved to California we have decided to visit quiet a lot. Here are some of the adventures we have been on in California and as well as Las Vegas.